House Fire Fatal Update

There's new information about Sunday's house fire death in Philadelphia. Police are still waiting for DNA results before officially releasing the name of the woman who was killed. However, friends of the victim are speaking out and calling for action.

"I kind of was surprised, but not really," says Tiffany Miller about the fatal fire.

Miller says the victim was her friend, Terri Gwyn.

According to Miller, Gwyn was involved in an abusive relationship with Daniel Williamson.

Williamson, 47, is charged with arson and murder in connection with Sunday's fire. He has been denied bond. He remains in the Neshoba County Jail.

"He was very over protective of her," Miller said. "It had gotten to the point to where he really didn't want her to go anywhere or do anything."

Miller says just last week Terri talked with her about a volatile incident involving the couple. It led to the involvement of law enforcement.

"I had just talked to her and saw her that Wednesday. I was just talking to her and I said, 'Terri, you need to go on and leave,' and she said, 'I am. I told you that I'm going to go ahead and leave'."

As a survivor of domestic violence herself, Miller says she now has just one regret.

"I just wish my friend would've gotten an opportunity like I did to leave," she said.

In response to Gwyn's death, Miller and other friends of hers are organizing a candlelight vigil in her honor. Those who attend are asked to wear purple to call awareness to domestic violence. That vigil will be held Saturday at 5:30 p.m. at the public library in Philadelphia.