Houston, Palmer Talk Fighting Crime

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Crime is no doubt a concern for every elected official in the city of Meridian.

Incumbent Jesse Palmer, Sr. and Democrat Kim Houston are the candidates running for the Ward Four seat on the Meridian City Council. Palmer says that steps have been taken to lower crime in Ward Four, but says crime has escalated because of changes at the police department. Houston, on the other hand, says young people need to be targeted more closely.

"But as leaders, we have a responsibility to use our influence to implement programs," Houston says. "Our children need to be exposed to more so that instead of passing a saggy pants ordinance, we give them a reason to not want to sag their pants anyway."

"Yes, I would like you to point to something in Ward Four that needs to be done that has not because as an incumbent and the experience I've had, I know those things," Palmer says.

The primary runoff election is Tuesday, May 21.