How Severe Weather Impacts School Schedules

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Severe weather can raise a number of concerns about safety, including what to do about school closings or delays.

Southeast Lauderdale High School principal Dwane Taylor tells Newscenter 11 there are a number of things to consider when deciding whether to close or delay the start of school. He says officials must think about working parents, school bus drivers, and the fact that they have to plan ahead. Taylor says by delaying the start of school instead of canceling it, it prevents losing an entire day of instruction and also from having to take holidays away from students.

"If they tack the day on at the end of the year, the way I feel about it, we have actually lost a day of instruction as far as getting ready for the state test," Taylor says. "And I'd rather be here. We're meeting every class today."

School got underway in Lauderdale County and most everywhere at 10:00 on Wednesday morning.