How to Receive Weather Warnings at Night

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Meridian, Miss With the potential for severe weather just days away, it's important to be ready, especially with it expected to be an overnight event. So the big question is, do you have a means of getting warnings at night?

This is a NOAA weather radio, and it is the best way to alert you to danger while you're asleep. They cost about $30 and can be purchased at local Walgreen’s and Cowboy Maloney’s. They are easy to set up and this is how you do it.

Once unpacked, plug in the ac adapter, once it reads 12 am, press menu, select "set time" use the arrow keys to set the time.

Now you want to set your locations. Press menu and use the arrows to find "set location" then hit select. Select "USA", select Mississippi or Alabama depending on where you live, and then select your county that you live in.

The final step is selecting the right frequency, from the menu, select set channel and use the arrow keys to select the channel, those living near Meridian will need to select 162.550.

The included booklet will tell you how to adjust the volume, and set the watches and warnings you want to receive. We recommend severe thunderstorm watches and warnings and tornado watches and warnings. You can add others if you wish.

These radios are vital, even local emergency managers use them.

Jason Collier, the Lauderdale County Fire Marshal says "Here at the fire department we use because we don't always have time to watch the weather. We may be busy doing other things and they alert us to warnings and watches going on in our area to keep our own people safe and to know that we need to call this station or that station and tell 'you have bad weather in your area'"

The channels to set your weather radios to are listed below by county. When the channel is selected you should be able to here the audio of the Weather Service forecast.

Winston 162.475
Noxubee 162.475
Leake 162.500
Leake 162.400
Neshoba 162.500
Neshoba 162.550
Kemper 162.550
Scott 162.500
Scott 162.400
Scott 162.550
Newton 162.500
Newton 162.550
Lauderdale 162.550
Smith 162.475
Smith 162.400
Smith 162.550
Jasper 162.550
Clarke 162.550
Jones 162.475
Jones 162.425
Jones 162.550
Wayne 162.475
Wayne 162.500
Wayne 162.425
Wayne 162.550
Sumter 162.550
Sumter 162.475
Greene 162.400
Greene 162.475
Choctaw 162.550
Choctaw 162.475
Marengo 162.475
Clarke 162.500