Hudnall Enters Mayoral Race

Retired businessman Wally Hudnall has entered the race for mayor of Meridian.

Hudnall made the announcement Tuesday in Meridian's Dumont Plaza.

Hudnall is running as an independent, meaning he automatically advances to the general election.

Hudnall ran unsuccessfully for city council four years ago and ran for mayor eight years ago. he was narrowly defeated in the Republican Primary by then-mayor, John Robert Smith.

"I'm very disgusted with the crime rate, the problems for the city, the infrastructure, our streets, our sewer system, our extreme high water bills," said Hudnall. "And I intend on doing something about it. I'm going to lay down stepping stones in the right direction for future mayors that will lead to a safer and more prosperous Meridian, Miss."

Hudnall says he has a plan that he will discuss during anticipated political debates this election season.

In addition to Hudnall, incumbent Republican Mayor Cheri Barry and Democrats Percy Bland and Rod Amos are also in the race.