Huge Turnout for Lowe's Job Fair

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Meridian, Miss. Hundreds turned out for a job fair held by Lowe’s home improvement store. Every year the store hires a mix of seasonal and full time around spring time, however this year they wanted to go about finding new employees a little differently. This is the first time Lowe’s has had a job fair. Managers were hoping it would give them a larger pool of potential employees to choose from, and a larger pool they got.

Joseph Norwood, the assistant store manager says "The turn out has been phenomenal. At least 200 so far, about 100 showed up around 9 o'clock so we're expecting even better."

It turned out far better than Norwood expected with many showing up before it even started.

Norwood went on to say "I think it's going good, like i said, 200 people so far to sort through and get quality associates to bring onto the team to better serve our customers needs."

Many of the people waiting in line were looking for steadier work, like Lashannon Chaney who was one of the first in line.

Chaney says "I was at Van Zyverden's, so that's seasonal work. I got tired of that, so i wanted something i could rely on, because seasonal work isn't good enough for me. I'm getting older, I’ve gotten older and i need something steady. No one or two months then you got to wait, i need something steady, like a steady flow because i got stuff i have stuff i need to do."

With such a turn out, Norwood says they will likely continue the job fair for a few more hours than the expected time of 3pm.