Hull Charged after 2-County Chase

The Lauderdale County Sheriff's Department has charged a suspect who was involved in a weekend chase.

29-year-old Robert Hull of Walnut Grove was apprehended late Saturday night after allegedly fleeing officers in Neshoba County.

A Lauderdale County deputy got spike sticks down on Highway 19 near State Boulevard Extension. Hull's vehicle wrecked and he was arrested about 100-yards away.

"He had taken a female to the Neshoba County hospital. She indicated to the officials there that he had assaulted her," said Calhoun. "They contacted the Leake County Sheriff's Department as well as the Neshoba County Sheriff's Department to let them know they were there at the ER. He then fled. That's what initiated the pursuit."

Hull is charged locally for resisting arrest, disorderly conduct and DUI 1st offense.

Neshoba County has a hold on him for fleeing. Leake County will address the assault charge.