Hull Looks Ahead to Role as Philadelphia Superintendent

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Philadelphia, Miss. Lisa Hull says she is looking forward to her new role as superintendent of the Philadelphia Public School District. Hull is one of 13 applicants and one of three finalists that the school board considered.

"It was not something that I expected," Hull admits. "But they have put a lot of trust and confidence in me to be able to do that job."

In a statement, the president of the Philadelphia Separate School District's board says Hull was chosen because of her educational experience and accomplishments. Since 1998, she has served as the federal projects coordinator for the Lauderdale County School District. The Philadelphia school board president also says Hull has what it takes to meet new academic standards. Hull feels she does as well.

"For every school district in Mississippi, the common core," Hull points out. "As across the nation, that is a huge challenge. We don't know what those assessments are actually going to look like. We do not know exactly how we need to tailor our instruction to ensure that we can do well on the assessments."

Hull says she plans to meet with teachers and staff within the district to talk about the achievement plans already in place and to pinpoint how to grow the district even further.

"We've got to build on what they've already established for us and that's our charge, we want excellence in education," Hull explains.

Her first day as superintendent in Philadelphia is July 1st.