Hundreds Attend Annual Dixie Thunder Run

Meridian, Mississippi Hundreds of bikers poured into Meridian on Saturday for the 8th annual Dixie Thunder Run.

The Dixie Thunder Run is a motorcycle rally that began in 2006 after the organizers returned from Iraq. All of the proceeds from the event go towards "Operation First Response," an organization that donates to all five branches of the military. Organizers say the event has grown tremendously and the staff has tripled in size since it first began, which has been great news for their fundraising capabilities.

"When we were deployed to Iraq, we had some soldiers hurt," Tony Shackleford says. "We had like 28 killed in action, 75 wounded." The military takes care of you to a certain point, but there's other obligations that these guys need help, and that's why we do it. "

The Dixie Thunder Run won't be ending anytime soon. Bikers look forward to future rallies and say they've even spread to Tennessee, Alabama, and Louisiana.