Hundreds Attend Battle for Texas Hospital Reenactment

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Cannon fire after cannon fire, this was the sound heard all across Archusa Water Park in Quitman. Hundreds of people gathered to witness the Battle of Texas Hospital. The moment you walk into the park you travel back in time to 150 years ago. Whether it be through the attire that the women wore, the relics from the Civil War, or even battle reenactments a learning moment was created for everyone. Friends of Texas Hospital Chairperson Dianne Carlin, says that despite the battle not being real, it's a way for people to understand history.

"There really wasn't a battle at Texas Hospital," says Carlin. "We like to say that we are using this to commemorate those who did fight in the war."

Although the battle seems to be the highlight of the day, there were several events going on throughout the day. Vendors lined the streets selling memoralbilla and food, a lady's tea party was held with special guest speaker Sid Champion, while several people were just enjoying a beautiful day to sit back and take in history. History is an important part of the South and Carlin wants to see more people involved in it. In fact, since the Battle of Texas Hospital started 5 years ago, Carlin has seen more people interested in their history.

"I think there is a growing interest in the past history here," says Carlin A lot of people have begun to look up their ancestors to see how they're linked to the Sons of the Confederate
Veterans how they are linked to the Unified Daughters of the Confederacy"

As the day ends, one must come back to the present day, but the experience of living the Civil War is one to be remembered.

If you missed the battle at Archusa Water Park in, you can catch another one in the same location at 2:00 PM February 22, 2014.