Hundreds Brave the Heat for a Community Fun Day

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Meridian, Miss. Many Meridian residents cooled from the brutal heat at Velma Young Park. From water slides, to musical chairs, to free food, there was fun to be had all around. Kelvin McGruder, Director of Parks and Recreation in Meridian, says the event is a way to get kids to become more involved in the community.

"We're fortunate enough that the Charles Young Foundation gave us $7,500 to do some revitalization in the park," said McGruder. "Basically we decided to do a fun day and give a little bit back to the community, by showing the kids we care and bringing a safe environment back to eastside Meridian."

It's this safe environment that many in the community believe shows the younger generation that Meridian does care for their well-being and through events such as this, it guides their attitude through life.

"It gives them a sense of direction and gets them ready for the world that's to come," says Meridian Pastor Morris Jones. "Of course as we the older generation move on and get out of the way, they're going to have to know how to handle themselves and how to deal with things and issues in what comes up in the world."

Several members of one organization were also present to support the kids and show them just how fun staying active and fit can be. With obesity a huge problem in Mississippi, this is just one way to combat the issue according to Felicia Brown of Divas on the Run.

"If we can get the kids out here and get them moving and get them liking fitness and enjoying fitness and making it fun, then we can kind of help combat the problem we have with obesity today, says Felecia Brown"

However you look at the benefit of having a fun filled day in Velma Young Park, one couldn't argue, the kids in attendance had a blast.