Hundreds Gather in Louisville for Memorial Service

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Louisville, Miss. "April 28th will forever be remembered as a day of tragedy for our community," said Louisville Mayor William Hill. "The destructive tornado ripped through Winston County stripping so many of possessions and the worst of it all, life itself. Today we are here to remember the lives of those 10 individuals."

Those were the words Hill spoke Sunday afternoon, as several hundred people from within the community and surrounding areas gathered to celebrate, remember, and mourn the lives of those lost in the April 28th tornado. With heavy hearts and tear filled eyes, the crowd looked towards the numerous guest speakers for words of encouragement and praise, like Connie Buggs, whose mother lost her life in the tornado.

"In a time like this, I guess everybody calls on the Lord and the Lord is there all the time," said Buggs. "Some folks don't realize that until a disaster and then that's when you get closer to the Lord. I already knew it and I felt like that was his plans for my momma."

With words of praise lifted to Heaven and to each other, each person that died in the tornado was recognized. Family members of the deceased walked to the front of the audience as a bell sounded in their memory to receive a rose in memory of them as well as a copy of a resolution that was passed in Jackson in their honor. One woman in attendance said the outpouring of love and support from all over has been amazing.

"This memorial service today was absolutely wonderful," said memorial attendee Kathy Humphries. "I think it just shows the love and respect we have for each other in Winston County."

Several in attendance afternoon told Newscenter 11, the memorial laid heavy on their hearts, but the legacy of the lives lost will live on forever.