Hundreds Head out for Black Friday Deals

What is a Christmas tradition got underway on Thanksgiving Day for many shoppers. One shopper in particular got in line outside the Best Buy in Meridian at 7am Thanksgiving morning to guaranteed a television and XBox 360.

Robert Gooch, the first person in line at the Meridian Best Buy, explains why he was there so early, "I come every year to Black Friday, and every year people start showing up earlier and earlier. They start the times a little earlier, so it was all a part of the game-plan, so I decided to be first."

Hundreds of other shoppers began gathering around local retailers with lines stretching around buildings in many locations. Signs from November point to a positive Christmas season for retailers.

John Sanders, general manager of the Best Buy in Meridian, tells us, "Our traffic is up over the past two weeks. I believe people have been conservative with their spending prior to this time, but this seems to be something that is just en-grained in the culture here in Meridian that everybody comes out on this holiday season to shop. They know they're going to get the best deals. They know they are going to have great environments to shop in, so I believe from this point going through Christmas we'll see extraordinary growth."

With some very dedicated shoppers, Black Friday will continue to have a strong local presence.

Scarlett Monsour, who was out searching simply for deals, says, "This is probably third year....fourth year. I was here three years ago pregnant, about eight months pregnant, yeah, standing in line for about three hours."

"I probably would, just for the fun of it. It's fun seeing all these people here and how they act on Black Friday, so yeah, I would do it again," Gooch tells us.

Shoppers still can take advantage of deals online when Cyber Monday arrives next week.