Hunters Honored during Big Buck Bounty Awards

Chunky, Miss. A local radio station hosted its annual Big Buck Bounty awards banquet Saturday at Chunky Shoals Fish Camp.

97 OKK and the Radio People of Meridian have been operating this hunting contest for 27 years. Entries were taken from over 15 different counties across the area. The grand prize winner, Ryan Graber, received a John O'Neil Johnson Toyota bad boy buggy four wheeler. There was also an extravagent hunting trip given away as well.

"This is just our time to be able to honor our hunters that were going out and competing in our contest 27 years strong," Scott Stevens says. "We've been doing this contest and it just gets bigger and bigger the amount of participants gets larger. The deer that get submitted to our taxidermists, Wayne's Taxidermy and Joey Murphy Taxidermy, just great selection of deer and a great amount of deer."

Each winner and a guest received a free meal.