Hurricane Frederic Anniversary

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September 13, 1979 was the date Hurricane Frederic made landfall on the Alabama Gulf Coast.

The National Weather Service in Mobile says the northern eyewall of Frederic moved over Dauphin Island just after 10 PM the night of September 12. Automated wind measuring instruments on Dauphin Island recorded a 145 mph wind gust.

The eye of Frederic passed over the western side of the city of Mobile, making Frederic the first hurricane to make a direct hit at Mobile since 1932. The pressure fell to 28.38" at Mobile's airport, setting the record for the all time lowest pressure reading for the city. More than half a million people were evacuated from the coast, making it the largest evacuation in history at the time.

As Frederic continued its journey inland, hurricane force winds were experienced as far north as Choctaw County, Alabama. Damage from Frederic's wind and tornadoes occurred in Lauderdale, Clarke, and Jasper counties in Mississippi as well as Choctaw, Sumter, Marengo, and Clarke counties in Alabama. Wind gusts as high as 115 mph were reported at Pascagoula.

At the time Frederic was the costliest hurricane in U.S. history. Since then, however, many storms have broken the records set by Frederic.