iPhone 5 Frenzy

As early as 5 a.m. people started forming a line outside the AT&T store in the Crossroads Shopping Center.

Armed with blankets and covered in coats, all are iPhone enthusiasts who wanted to be some of the first to purchase the iPhone 5.

"I've always had an iPhone and I'm not going to get rid of it," said Joel James from Meridian who waited in line one hour.

"I drove from Thomasville, Alabama," said Quinton McCall. '" then waited one hour in line. We'll see if it was worth it."

Of the almost fifty people who waited for the store to open at 8, Tom Williams of Meridian was fourth in line. He arrived at 6 a.m.

"I waited two solid hours, yeah, which is actually not as long as I waited for the iPhone 3G in 2008," said Williams. "I waited for, I think, I got here at 4:30 then. So, that was a little bit earlier.'"

Aside from sheer patience, Williams and other iPhone loyalists say the latest version is a 'must have' because it's thinner, lighter, taller and faster.

"Ever since the first one was released, I got it about a month after it came out, after the bugs were worked out of it and every since then," said Williams. '"'ll probably just be iPhones all the way. I didn't get one last year. I got one this year and I'm happy about it."

According to ABC News, leading into the debut for the iPhone 5, Apple analysts released staggering sales figures. Among them were two million pre-orders within a 24-hour period. Plus, there are plans to ship ten million new iPhones within the next ten days.