Icy Conditions Lead to Dangerous Roadways

Up and down the highways and roads, cars everywhere are slipping and sliding to their destinations, often only reaching them with the help of a tow truck. The Mississippi Highway Patrol says the snow we're facing now is leaving icy roadways increasingly dangerous for drivers.

"The rain froze and now the snow on top of it compounds a problem," says Corporal Andy West of the Mississippi Highway Patrol. Typically, in years past, we've seen overpasses freeze over; bridges actually freeze first, but what makes this different now, it's the highways."

Meridian Public Works has been salting the ice and doing its best to keep up with the dangerous conditions. But continued cold weather makes it difficult to keep up.

"We've had crews out, we were ready to go from yesterday, had stuff prepared for this," says street superintendent Greer Goldman. "As the day has gone, things have deteriorated, and we're trying our best to keep up with what's going on."

Corporal West says the Highway Patrol has seen dozens of accidents throughout the day, and they're only continuing.

"Being from the South, we don't see this often, and I think a lot of it has to do with sightseers. They want to get out and see the snow, and unfortunately, that's contributing to a lot of the problems we're having out here on the roads," he says.

Public Works urges you to use your best judgment, and take every precaution if you have to be out on these icy roadways.

"It's a dangerous situation," Goldman says. "We have people out working, and people are trying to get through. Please pay attention to what's going on. Drive as slow as you can, and try not to slam on your brakes."