Icy Roads Keep Local Tow and Repair Businesses Busy

The icy roads have led to a huge increase in car accidents, Which also means a huge increase in the workload for some local businesses. Terry Lewis of Lewis Towing & Recovery says over Tuesday and Wednesday, he saw a 200 percent increase in business - bigger than he ever expected.

"The calls started coming in Tuesday when the snow started coming down and turning to ice," he says. "The roads started icing over and it just picked up from there."

Soon, his 24-hour business was pulling in battered cars and 18-wheelers from all across the area. And from there, it's a trip to the repair shop. Premier Paint and Body says the ice brought in a definite increase in customers, but that's tough because the ice also makes it difficult to get parts for repair.

"It's kind of compounded as far as the workload goes," Josh Denning says. "Getting parts out of Jackson's really slowed down, put us behind a couple of days already, so it's slowing us up pretty well."

The Mississippi Highway Patrol estimates nearly 200 accidents in our area from the storms, which added to Premier's already full lot.

Denning says the repair shops are seeing everything from minor scrapes to damage on a much larger scale.

"You've got your light bumper scrapes, and then we actually have a vehicle that's been totaled out, flipped upside down end over end and probably not a lot of hope for it," he says.

Both businesses say the hectic pace is just now starting to slow down.