Improvements Made to Lake Tom Bailey

A water line has been run, and new restroom facilities are open at Lake Tom Bailey. The project was about three years in the making.

It's a joint project between the Toomsuba Water Association, Lauderdale County and the state of Mississippi.

Local officials say having water at the lake will be a big improvement for the people who use it.

"Three years ago, I came down here and there was a gentleman who needed some water, but didn't have any," said District 2 county supervisor Wayman Newell. "So it put me to thinking what would it take to get water down here."

"We have water on the other side, but it's approximately 3/4 of a mile to the other side," said Clay Ready. "So people that get dropped off here to fish, a lot of the elderly, their family drops them off, and they're here all day, and with this running water and bathroom facility, it allows them to not have to walk to the other side of the lake."

U.S. Rural Development provided a grant and a loan to the Toomsuba Water Association to lay the water line down.