Injured Recovering from Wreck

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As the investigation of the crash between a car and a Lauderdale County school bus continues, the victims are recovering from their injuries.

The accident happened around 3:50 p.m. Monday on Rocky Ridge Road near Highway 19 in Collinsville.

Officials say fifteen students were on board the West Lauderdale bus. Eleven were taken to the hospital, eight by ambulance.

Lauderdale County assistant superintendent, Ed Mosley, says most of the students have since been released.

"I think parents brought three others and they were all released with the exception of one who's still at Anderson at this time," said Mosley. "What we are being told, that she's having problems putting pressure on her leg. So they are calling in a specialist to deal with that, to see where that pain is coming from or the cause of that."

Mosley says the two people in the car were not seriously injured and were transported by ambulance. They were also later released. According to Philadelphia Public Schools, both were teachers in that district.

Cpl. Andy West of the Mississippi Highway Patrol says no charges have been filed.