Inmate Escapes on Visit to ER

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A Newton County inmate escaped and was able to hide for several hours before finally being taken back into custody.

Newton County Sheriff Jackie Knight says Walter Shane Weeks claimed he fell in the jail and wanted to go to the hospital.

The manhunt was staffed by local sheriff's deputies, state corrections officials, state troopers and game

Officials pin-pointed his whereabouts with tracking dogs and then three and a half hours later he was apprehended.

"This morning Shane Weeks, we had in jail for burglary with intent to create fear, had told the jailers that he had fell in the jail, messed his kidneys up, couldn't urinate," said Sheriff Jackie Knight. "They called me and I told them to take him to the emergency room; they did. When they got to the emergency room, he opened the door and jumped out and took off."

Weeks also faces an escape charge.