Inmate Recovering from Stabbing Incident

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Lauderdale County, Mississippi An inmate is recovering after being stabbed at the East Mississippi Correctional Facility in Lost Gap on Wednesday evening.

It's unclear where exactly inside of the prison that the stabbing took place. However, Chief Deputy Ward Calhoun tells Newscenter 11 the inmate was stabbed with some sort of improvised weapon. Calhoun says little is known about the man who was stabbed other than his injuries were not life threatening and he is still receiving treatment at a local hospital. There is also little information about who is responsible for stabbing the inmate.

"The investigation is ongoing," Calhoun points out. "And at this point, I do not know if they have had an opportunity to talk to suspects that we have. But it's my understanding that we do have suspects to talk to."

This makes the fourth stabbing that Newscenter 11 has reported on in the last month. One incident involved a correctional officer being stabbed through a tray hole door while serving breakfast to the inmates.

"I mean, just like in the community, prison is a place where people are together and there are opportunities for people to assault each other if they choose to do that," Calhoun explains. "Our job is to investigate that and then as a criminal justice system to hold that person accountable for their actions."

In recent years, Newscenter 11 has received numerous phone calls about safety concerns inside the prison. Calhoun admits that prisons in general are not always safe places. He says as long as the prison is there though, his department will continue to investigate incidents there and take the appropriate action.

"Those individuals are housed in an environment where there are many individuals who are angry at each other," Calhoun says. "Or angry about perceived slights or for reasons sometimes maybe you don't understand or maybe they don't understand."

The case surrounding the stabbing at EMCF on Wednesday night will be presented to a Lauderdale County Grand Jury.