Victims in Triple Fatal Newton Accident Identified

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Newton, Miss. It was a horrific scene Monday night in Newton after an 18 wheeler collided with a Red Dodge Caliber shortly after 9 pm. Mississippi Highway Patrol who was among many on the accident scene, tells Newscenter 11 that the investigation is still underway into the accident and that they only know few details.

"Upon further investigation of the accident, what we discovered was there was an 18 wheeler going southbound on Highway 15 and a Dodge passenger car that was traveling eastbound on Martin Luther King Jr. Drive.," MHP Sgt. Andy West said. "The passenger car pulled in front of the lane of travel of the southbound 18-wheeler and the 18- wheeler collided into the drivers side of the passenger car."

The collision took the lives of Brent and Frederick Gooden, both brothers from Hickory as well as Diaz Fielder from Newton. Police Chief Harvey Curry says he just happened to be present when the wreck occurred, but he doesn't know why Brent who was the driver ran the stop sign.

"I witnessed the accident because I was sitting down there and noticed the vehicle come straight through the stop sign and never yield to the stop sign," Curry said. "It was then, that the 18 wheeler that was headed southbound collided with it."

Curry said officials from Newton County Sheriff's Office, MHP, Jasper County Sheriff's Office, Wayne County Sheriff's Office, as well as city police were available to help with the accident, which took a little over four hours. Now, he says it's simply down to the investigation.

"At this point in time it's still ongoing," Curry said. "You know accident and reconstruction was called and you know there's a lot that we still have to do and we're still investigating. So, that's all I can reveal at this time."