Investigators Stumped on Cause of Threefoot Fire

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Authorities say they have still yet to determine the cause of a January fire at Meridian's Threefoot building.

Meridian Fire Chief Anthony Clayton says investigators have exhausted all possibilities and they are now relying on the community's help to solve this case.

Clayton says since the fire happened a couple of months ago, evidence from the the Threefoot building has been sent to the crime lab in Jackson, which found no traces of accelerants. Chief Clayton also tells Newscenter 11 that investigators have ruled out anything electrical, which brings authorities to a dead end he says.

"It's sort of like building a house," Clayton explains. "You have so much material you can use and once you've used all that material, there's no more to build on. Where we're at now, there's no more information to build on."

Chief Clayton says one of the good things about the Threefoot building is it is a fire resistant building, meaning there aren't a lot of flammable materials on the inside. Therefore, he says there was never really any great danger of the building actually burning down.

Investigators say they simply need your help. If you have any information about this case, call Crimestoppers at 601-485-1860.