JRMF Submits Video for National Competition

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Meridian, Miss. The Jimmie Rodgers Foundation unveiled a video Wednesday night that will compete in a national competition.

The winner will be featured as the last track on the upcoming album: "The 1927 Bristol Sessions Revisited." This comes as The Birthplace of Country Music Museum is set to open on August 2nd in Bristol, TN and VA. In the locally produced video, Britt Gully stars as Jimmie Rodgers and performs his rendition of Alfred Karnes' "I am bound for the promised land."

"It's good to see a finished product like we just did up there," Gully says. "That's kind of exciting. Looks good and it sounds good. And hopefully, we'll be able to be on the album with it."

The public is invited to vote in the video contest. You can visit Facebook.com/birthplaceofcountrymusic.