Jackson College Students Protest Shooting of Missouri Teen

Photo from WLBT-TV in Jackson.

Jackson, Miss. Mississippians are now protesting the shooting death of a Missouri teenagers.

This weekend, college students in the Jackson area gathered to protest the shooting of Michael Brown by Ferguson police. WLBT-TV reports the students marched from the State Capitol to the State Supreme Court. They carried signs that read "Hands Up, Don't Shoot" and "Justice for Mike." Students told WLBT they wanted to exercise their right to peaceful assembly and protest.

"Statistically, every 28 hours a young black male unarmed is murdered by the police and unfortunately a lot of these murders don't see justice," Natasha Scruggs said. "Therefore, we want to take a stand along with the rest of the world to just show our support."

A state of emergency and curfew have been issued in Ferguson.