Jackson State Enrollment Continues to Grow

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A Jackson State coach says it's amazing to see the growth the school has seen over the past few years.

JSU is one of the nation's historically black colleges and continues to face competition from several schools within the state, whether it be for academics or athletics. With more than 150 undergraduate degrees as well as numerous masters and doctorate degrees, the school continues to bring in record enrollment.

"The growth and expansion of the university is unbelievable," said JSU Golf Coach Eddie Payton. "I almost need a road map to find my way around because it's just growing downtown Jackson and South Jackson like you wouldn't believe. The enrollment has gone from 3,000 to about 11,000 right now. The future is bright for JSU."

The spring semester of 2013 had an enrollment of 8,760, a nearly 3% increase over spring 2012.