Jake Craig is Aviator for a Day

Meridian Naval Air Station, Miss. A child who battled leukemia at a very young age was Aviator for a Day" at Meridian Naval Air Station Friday.

Training Air Wing 1 has partnered with Blair Batson Children's Hospital in Jackson to provide opportunities for kids like 8-year-old Jake Craig of Brandon.

In February, Jake celebrated his fifth year of being cancer-free. He was treated to a behind-the-scenes look at the life of a Navy pilot. Jake and his family toured the hangar, simulator, control tower and fire department.

"These kids that these guys are having out here have been through a whole lot in the hospital," said Jake's dad, Jay Craig. "And the experience that they get to come out here and see the jets, the planes, the firefighters, meet two great people, Lt. Commanders Watt and Bell, they are just great guys. And it's a fun evening and an outing."

Craig says Jake enjoyed everything but especially liked using the flight simulator.

Jake also received his own Wings of Gold, the symbol of achieving the designation of naval aviator.