Jimmie Rodgers Foundation, Farm Bureau Partnership

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Meridian, Miss. A partnership between Mississippi Farm Bureau and the Jimmie Rodgers Foundation will now offer discount admission fees to the Jimmie Rodgers Museum for members of Farm Bureau and their families. It will be a half price discount to help attract more tourists to Mississippi simply by making the museum more accessible.

Betty Lou Jones says, "Jimmie Rodgers, and Farm Bureau and Mississippi, and music all go so hand in hand. We know that there are a lot who want to come to the museum who for some reason never have. This is a perk that Farm Bureau is offering their members and it's a great opportunity for the Jimmie Rodgers Museum to be seen by Mississippians and their friends from out of town."

Farm Bureau has also produced a show that showcases musicians of agriculture; one of those voices is that of Britt Gully who is the number one Jimmie Rodgers tribute singer. That episode of the show "Voices of Agriculture," will air this Saturday on RFD-TV at 2:30 p.m. That network is channel 231 on Dish Network, and channel 345 on DirectTV.

Gully says, "We got three Grammy winners with us on the album, and a group of musicians from around Meridian and around that I’ve played with a lot. And the nominating committee for the Grammys has taken note of this and they are looking at it, so Lord willing, we could all be Grammy winners."

Between the new partnership and all the attention of a possible Grammy nomination, Jimmie Rodgers officials say things are looking good for the Jimmie Rodgers Museum and Meridian.