Johnson Ordered to Appear before Grand Jury

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Lauderdale County, Miss. One of the most incendiary charges made following Mississippi's U.S. Senate runoff in June was that Sen. Thad Cochran's campaign participated in paying for black votes.

Cochran defeated state Sen. Chris McDaniel, who led a 3-person ballot in the first GOP Primary.

Now the blogger who reported that story has been commanded to appear in Lauderdale County to answer questions from a grand jury.

A subpoena was issued for California conservative blogger Charles C. Johnson. He tweeted a picture of the summons Sunday, despite the clause that states "you are not to disclose the existence of this subpoena".

According to Johnson's Twitter account, he took the picture down on advice of counsel.

The subpoena says Johnson is to bring "any and all records regarding the interview of Stevie Fielder and/or regarding the payment of an interview fee to Stevie Fielder as well as any records regarding his conversation and dealings with John Rhodes and/or Noel Fritsch.

Newscenter 11 reached out to Johnson to ask him questions but he hasn't said if he will talk to us. We did notice he tweeted Sunday that he is in Mississippi and Monday posted a brief remark to our Facebook page.

Johnson is scheduled to appear before a grand jury in Lauderdale County Sept. 22.