Joint Land Use Study In the Works For NAS Meridian

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Lauderdale County, Miss. The communities surrounding Naval Air Station Meridian will soon be a part of a study that will be used to develop recommendations from the surrounding areas, as well as ensuring the mission of the base in general is upheld. District 3 Supervisor Josh Todd says in a nutshell the study is used to generally assess just how good of a neighbor the base is.

"The Joint Land Use Study is a survey that is going to be done to see how well the local communities are reacting to the navy base," Todd said "It's to see if they have any input on what the navy base can do to have a better relationship with the communities."

According to Todd the survey will require feedback from those who live in neighboring communities on issues such as noise concerns, especially with new jets on base.

"They're changing the fly zones, they're changing some of that," Todd said. "Pretty much what this is amounting to is that the navy base wants to be the best neighbor you can have. So they want to see what they can do to help the neighboring communities and neighboring people that joins them."

The navy base is also looking to buy land rights from property owners in areas that surround the base in an attempt to reduce noise complaints near the base.

"Right now, they're in the works with the noise ordinance, meaning, you can't put a trailer unless it takes out so many decibels of sound," Todd said. "Same way with building a house, you won't be able to build a house unless the contractor signs off saying he did put some sound barriers in your walls or your ceilings so you cannot hear these planes coming in."

Todd says this acquiring of land rights is still in early stages and they only expect to acquire 7 to 10 properties in the first year.