Judge Sends Pritchard's Case to a Grand Jury

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Meridian, Miss. The man accused of shooting a 19-year old man went before a judge on Wednesday for an initial court appearance.

Lyndell Pritchard remains in police custody after Meridian Municipal Court Judge Chris Falgout told Pritchard the court feels there is probable cause to bind this case over to a Lauderdale County Grand Jury. The Meridian Police Department says Pritchard shot Kelvin Harris in the 200 block of 35th Avenue around midnight Friday.

During the hearing on Wednesday, investigators presented both physical evidence and witness testimony to the court. Investigators told the judge that a witness stated she saw Pritchard fire a gun in the direction of Harris at the time of the incident. Investigators also told the judge that stolen firearms were found in the car that Pritchard was riding in on Friday night.

Judge Falgout told Pritchard that he is not eligible for bond in this case because he was already out on bond on an aggravated assault charge. Detectives said a Lauderdale County Grand Jury indicted Pritchard on the aggravated assault charge. The murder case now moves on to the Lauderdale County Grand Jury.