Justices Won't Revisit Poll Books Ruling

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Jackson, Miss. The Mississippi Supreme Court says it will not reconsider its ruling that voters' birthdates must be redacted before poll books are opened for public inspection.

State Sen. Chris McDaniel had requested that justices hold a hearing and reconsider the ruling they issued last week.

McDaniel wants to see full information in poll books, including birthdates, as he prepares to challenge his loss to U.S. Sen. Thad Cochran in the Republican primary runoff.

In a separate development, a federal judge spent hours Thursday listening to testimony and arguments about a lawsuit also dealing with access to voters' birthdates on poll books. The judge did not indicate when she might rule.

The Texas-based group, True the Vote, sued the Secretary of State, Republican Party and nine county election commissions. Twenty-two Mississippi residents joined in the suit.

Judge Nancy Atlas was brought in from Texas to hear the case. She made it clear the hearing was not about voter fraud but the transparency of the voting process.

The flip side of that is the question that the state is arguing of voter privacy.

"We don't want birthdates redacted because birthdates are an important part of the fabric of the integrity of the election," said Joe Nixon, attorney for True the Vote.

True the Vote called a total of six witnesses to the stand. Most discussed their trouble in trying to obtain full election records.

The assistant secretary of state, Kim Turner, also spoke to the election procedures in the state.

Judge Atlas is requesting briefs from both sides. The first of those are due in two weeks.