Juvenile Charged in Cell Phone Theft

Meridian, Miss. Meridian police say a juvenile has been charged in connection with the theft of a cell phone.

Officials say the juvenile turned himself in Tuesday night after Newscenter 11 showed his picture on the news.

The picture was captured by a stolen cell phone using a phone app, Lookout, made for just such a situation.

When someone tries several times to unlock a phone, or takes the SIM card out, Lookout enables the phone to take a photo, called a 'theftie' and sends it to the phone's owner.

Meridian police say it's another thing helping them catch the bad guys.

"Actually this is our second case that we were able to solve based on that app," said Meridian Detective Dareall Thompson. "I just downloaded it on my cell phone so I can use it. So that's a good tool to have on your cell phone. "

Now the juvenile has been charged with receiving stolen property, a misdemeanor.

Police say prospective thieves should reconsider their actions, since there are more and more ways they can easily be caught in the act.