KCSD Internal Investigation

Scooba, Miss.

The abduction of the student from East Kemper Elementary has prompted an internal investigation by the Kemper County School District.
Kemper County Superintendent Jackie Pollock says safety is a top priority.

'We do have procedures in place and we will be working with all the school locations to make sure that they understand that these policies must be followed because they have been set,' says Superintendent Pollock.

When 6-year-old Jashayla Hopson was taken from East Kemper Elementary, the district had a policy in place that addressed the proper procedure for checking a student out of school.

'So, at this point we're basically conducting our internal investigation to make sure that those policies and procedures were followed and we're looking to see if there was a breach in policy and what took place. At that point, we'll be able to determine if personnel were involved and then of course, that will be a matter that we'll have to deal with and act accordingly.'

Currently, one Kemper County deputy provides security for the district's three campuses. Police from the towns of DeKalb and Scooba assist at the schools when needed. Even prior to what happened Tuesday, Superintendent Pollock says discussions were underway about providing one county deputy for each campus.

'That has been discussed as an issue that the board needs to address, and they are working to make sure that that is taking place.'

At this time, the district's internal investigation into what happened Tuesday continues. Superintendent Pollock says it's unknown when it will be finished. However, once it is she says the district will release a public statement about its findings.