Kalee Seeing More Clearly Now

A Meridian girl who has cerebral palsy and is visually-impaired received a wonderful gift Thursday.

Sight Savers America delivered and installed computer technology that makes reading easier for 11-year-old Kalee Guin.

She received an Optelec Multiview Electronic Video Magnifier, or EVM. The device magnifies content from books so Kalee can read them from a computer screen and also see what she writes in large print.

"She can see very well and only has problems with distance but it's more of a problem with the brain signals," said Kalee's mom, Sally Long. "And this will help magnify all of her words and her math problems. And many things she can do with the magnifier. And it will assist her in just lots of daily activities that she can do."

Long said she actually cried when she learned Kalee was approved to receive the device. She said Kaylee may also be able to get one to use at school.