KemPosits Opens in Choctaw

KemPosits is the newest company to locate in the tech park on the Choctaw Indian Reservation in Neshoba County.

As a manufacturer of products such as eco-friendly walk-in tubs, the company already has more than three dozen employees.

Manufacturing at KemPosits started about three weeks ago. For now, the company has 32 employees with immediate plans to hire more.

"We have been told that once they get growing on this property they will have about 80 to 100 jobs, and currently they're at about 30 jobs," said Chief Phyliss Anderson. "But the main thing is to look forward to other ventures that they can bring here."

The first product being manufactured by KemPosits on the reservation is an eco-friendly walk-in bathtub for people who are elderly or disabled.

"We do a lot more than just making these bath tubs," said Charlie Quinn, president of KemPosits, LLC. "We do have some military DOD-type parts, some composite aerospace type parts and metal fabrication and powder coating."

KemPosits relocated to Mississippi from California. Mississippi was chosen as the company's new site over Texas. Cong. Gregg Harper says that's for a good reason.

"You do have the workforce here," said Harper. "You have people who want to have a good job and that is part of the deal here."

As for the future of economic development and the Choctaw tribe, Anderson says KemPosits is an important part of a grand plan, which includes a hospital for the reservation.

"We've got several phases to go, but we're hoping that we will start construction in the summer of next year," Anderson said.

There are plans for KemPosits to further expand on the reservation. Over the next two years the company plans to build a 150,000 square foot facility and hire two hundred more people.