Kemper Church Helps Children in Need

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Some Mississippi children in need of love and attention were in a for a special treat on Saturday when a local church took them on a hunting trip.

Palmer Home for Children is a ministry to children in need. It is for children who are growing up as social orphans without the nurture and support of a loving family and children who need a place to be and to become. Thirteen of those children were able to come to Cross Mountain Ministries in Porterville, Mississippi to hunt.

"Most of our children at Palmer Home have experienced abuse in some sort of way," according to Robin Erdahl with Palmer Home. "Physical, emotional, neglect, things like that. So, they come to Palmer Home to get away from those things, to get that love, care and nourishment that children need."

Palmer Home is named for Dr. Benjamin Morgan Palmer. By 1902, with some 40 children in residence, Palmer's support base grew to include Presbyterian churches throughout Mississippi and Louisiana. Amber Saltsgiver, a resident of Palmer Home for the last 16 years, was an abused child who was placed in the Palmer Home because of neglect.

"My mother was taking care of all five of us," Saltsgiver says. "She didnt have the money or the place to take care of us, so we were taken away. I love it. I grew up there, so it is my home."

Saltsgiver has been a model resident and is currently attending college now in Mississippi and in her first year.

For more on the Palmer Home for Children and how you can help, call 662-328-5704.