Kemper County Armed Robbery Arrests

Kemper County, Miss. Terrence Cross, age 27 from near Scooba, his cousin 19-year-old Charles Cross III from Preston, and 25-year-old Shamarious Brown from outside Scooba are charged with armed robbery. Although the crime actually occurred around 9:30 on Valentine's night, because the case is very complicated, the most recent arrest happened just yesterday.

"There were about three shots that were fired into a vehicle, and one subject that performed the robbery got hit either with the gun or got hit in the head when getting out of the vehicle," says Sheriff James Moore.

That subject was Terrence Cross. Just prior to the robbery Sheriff Moore says Cross was riding as a passenger inside the vehicle with the victim. Moore says the robbery prompted an altercation, and that's when Cross got out of the vehicle.

"Terrance says that he rolled out of the vehicle; the subject sped off, and he got picked up by the second subject who was there to pick him up. Terrence was dropped off, and the weapon at that time was put back in the hands of its owner on Sunday or Monday."

The 40 caliber handgun that was believed to have been used in the crime has since been recovered by authorities. Investigators say the victim was actually very lucky because it appears that only one of the three bullets fired grazed his shirt. Meanwhile, with an investigation ongoing, Sheriff Moore says more arrests and charges are possible.

"In this type case if you enlist the help of someone, if they provide as far as the weapon that was used in the armed robbery, whether you were there or not, you can be charged with it," says Moore.

At this time investigators are not revealing what was taken during the robbery. As for the suspects, all three are charged with armed robbery; Terrence Cross is also charged with aggravated assault. At last check both he and Shamarious Brown remained jailed on $50,000 bond each. Meanwhile, as of noon Friday bond had not yet been set for Charles Cross III.