Kemper County Arrests

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The Kemper County Sheriff's Department continues to be busy this week with two separate cases out of Porterville. In the first, 19 year old Justin Haley and 20 year old Antawain Grace were arrested on February 2nd for a January 13th home burglary. Kemper County Sheriff James Moore says that Haley was the ring leader and faces many other charges, and that since their arrests, the burglaries have stopped.

"We have other burglaries that have occurred in that area that goes back into 2012, and the two gentlemen we arrested for the Grand Larceny charges are suspects in several burglaries in that area."

In a separate case, Kemper County Sheriff Deputies also arrested 22 year old LaKenny Bell. In that case, Bell is accused of stealing a car in Porterville and then selling it for scrap.

Sheriff Moore says that even though the car was not able to be recovered, Bell could still be on the hook for damages.

"If he goes to trial and loses, then at that time there will be restitution to the owner of that vehicle that he would have to pay, that's how we would be able to per diem that property back."

Moore says that these arrests would not have been possible without the public's help, and to keep your eyes peeled.

"Law Enforcement can't be everywhere, but if you care enough about what's going on in a community that you live in, we ask that you keep a watchful eye out, and if you see anything unusual that doesn't look right, please contact your law enforcement."