Kemper County Celebrates the Fourth of July

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DeKalb, Miss There was a crowd on the steps of the Kemper County courthouse them morning waiting for the beginning of July 4th celebration. The celebration was kicked off with a flag raising ceremony from Kemper County high JROTC. Captain Charles Moore of the naval air station meridian and representative Greg Snowden were present as guest speakers. Snowden was eager to share a story about a revolutionary war hero.

Snowden says "Well it's the independence of our country of course. I'm looking forward to sharing the story of Baron Johann de Kalb who was a hero of the American revolution and whom the county seat here in Kemper county is named after."

With conflict and division among Americans today, Snowden wants to remind us that division is nothing new to this country. Even at the signing of the declaration of independence there was division among the colonist as to the right course of action.

He says "Benjamin Franklin said one third of Americans were patriots who supported independence, another third supported the king, and the remaining third didn't really care. So American was not united even then. Its our common beliefs that we come together after that in which we became one nation

On this the day of our independence, Snowden says it is the perfect time to unify once again and become one nation.

Snowden closes with "That’s what we need to strive to achieve today. We have times that try men’s souls just like that did in the revolution. God bless America"