Kemper Home Burglarized Twice, Reward Offered

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Kemper County, Miss. A local woman's home has been burglarized twice this summer and now her family is taking additional steps to find those responsible.

Tommy Eldridge says his mother's home on Highway 16 in Kemper County was burglarized June 1st and again September 1st. Thousands of dollars in valuables were taken and now Eldridge is offering a $1,000 reward for information.

"It's not about the money," Eldridge stresses. "It's about, you know, this was my dad's stuff. He died twenty years ago. This is my mom's stuff. It's her wedding ring from my father. It's very sentimental things."

Eldridge tells Newscenter 11 it all started back on June 1st when his mother and stepfather discovered someone had opened their patio door and entered the house. Several thousand dollars worth of jewelry was taken, as well as several firearms, and a laptop computer. This past Sunday, Eldridge tells us the bad guys took more jewelry, more guns, and another laptop computer.

"We would like, you know if nothing else, at least my mom's jewelry back and my dad's jewelry back," he says.

"Right now, investigators are currently working on evidence that was found at the home," Sheriff James Moore explains. "Running down leads and any other possible information that we have gathered so far."

Moore says it's possible it was the same suspect or suspects on both occasions. Eldridge has a message for those individuals.

"Maybe they need the money worse than we do," he speculates. "But at the end of the day, when you come into somebody's home, you've violated that person."

If you have any information that can lead to the arrest and conviction of those responsible, you are asked to call the Kemper County Sheriff's Department at 601-743-2255. You can also contact Tommy Eldridge directly at 601-490-0799.