Kemper Plant Workers Donate to Love's Kitchen

Meridian, Miss. Love's Kitchen in Meridian received a huge donation from workers at the Kemper County coal plant on Friday.

A check of over ten thousand dollars was donated to Love's Kitchen that will go to feeding the hungry and paying bills. Night shift workers got permission to run a raffle to raise money for charitable organizations. One of the coordinators on the night shift says it was all about making sure needs were met at Christmas.

"There was just an outpouring. The people really got behind the cause and began to give money and pretty soon, it was like the raffle became secondary to the cause," said Rick Bell of Southern Company Services.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you. Christmas came early. Santa Claus came from the coal plant," said Fannie Johnson of Love's Kitchen.

The workers also raised money for the Wesley House so children would have toys for Christmas.