Kemper Residents Deal with Tornado Damage Again

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Residents in Kemper County say they are counting their blessings that they weren't seriously hurt during Thursday's tornado.

Several homes along Highway 16 in Dekalb were heavily damaged as the tornado made its way across the county. What makes it even worse is that these same homes were damaged from the April 15th, 2011 tornado. Residents say they never dreamed they would be living that same nightmare again. At the same time though, they are trying to remain positive.

"Because you know, God is going to do his work anyway," Brenda Murray says. "You know, and then you can't really judge at times. You know, you just got to keep believing and keep living and he does all things for a reason."

Thankfully, Murray was not home at the time the storm passed through the area. She says right now, the best thing members of the community can do is pray for those impacted.