Kemper Sheriff: Extra Inmates a Win-Win

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Lauderdale County, Mississippi Overcrowding at the Lauderdale County Detention Facility is not necessarily a new problem, but it's one that got a bit too out of hand recently.

The jail is made to house up to 290 inmates at one time. However, Lauderdale County Sheriff Billy Sollie says as many as 330 inmates were being housed there last weekend. That's when Kemper County Sheriff James Moore agreed to step in and help.

"Well actually, it's a win-win situation for us," Moore says. "They're out of compliance with inmates. They can only hold so many. We have beds available, so it's a revenue for us. We're glad to house them."

As for whether this partnership is a long term on, Sheriff Moore says it's just too early to say, but he's not ruling it out.

"The bottom line is, you know, when we agreed to take these inmates and with that in mind, we still have enough room to house any inmates that we may encounter," Moore points out.

The sheriff tells Newscenter 11 he doesn't foresee any problems with this new arrangement since there are plenty of beds available at the Kemper-Neshoba Regional Facility. Kemper County received 20 inmates from Lauderdale County this past week and Moore says he will be able to house up to 36 at one time.

"You know, they may leave," Moore adds. "Some of them may make bond and all that stuff. "So, we'll house up to 36 probably."

Sheriff Sollie says Lauderdale County is charged an additional fee for every inmate over 290 for each day he or she is housed. Sollie says the partnership with Kemper County is a short-term fix.