Kemper Students Get Reality Check

DeKalb, Miss. Ninth graders in Kemper County learned a little about financial reality and responsibility Tuesday.

PACES, or Parents And Community Equals Educational Success, is a partnership with local businesses that seeks to educate young people about what it takes to support yourself and how getting an education helps secure financial freedom.

It created 'The Reality Store' for students to learn what it costs to buy groceries, pay rent, maintain insurance, etc.
PACES assists students in understanding which career paths better align with the quality of life they would like to have.

"We have actual business personnel that come here and then what they do is work with the young people, deal with them as if they were adults and this helps them to learn early that life has demands. And they have to make choices and they have to make sacrifices," said project coordinator Bernard Hulin.

PACES was presented by the Kemper County Economic Development Authority.