Kids Having a Blast at Camp Fire Academy

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Meridian, Miss Learning and fun are the main things on the list of things to do at camp fire academy. There are 19 kids are learning all about what fire fighters and police officers do on a regular basis. Yesterday the kids got a chance to work with fire hoses, and today got a special visit from the meridian police department.

Ginger Hand, and instructor for the Meridian police department says “Today we had officer rod brown from the meridian police department, he's the canine trainer and he came out and talked to the kids about all the service dogs they have and gave a demonstration with the drug dog."

In addition to the fun activities, the kids are learning some of the core values held by the police and fire departments, values which instructors hope will help them in life.

Hand says "one thing we are focusing on this week is our motto is service before self. Some of these kids will never grow up to be fire fighters or police officer or EMS, but we are still trying to teach them that you put the needs of others ahead of your wants and try to help your fellow citizen."

The kids love it and most couldn't wait to participate in the hands on activities of the camp, but the instructors love it too. Hand says that it’s like Christmas in July for herself and the rest of the instructors who love watching the kids grow right before their eyes during the one week camp.

She went on to say "it's just enjoyable watching the confidence build and just seeing them come in, and being a little scared and apprehensive to do things, and then as we instill team work and team members being behind them and doing things at the beginning of the week they didn't think they could do."