Kids Arts Crawl Apr. 17

Children from public and private schools in Lauderdale County will get a chance to showcase their talents in the first Kids Art Crawl.

The event, sponsored by Meridian Main Street and several other business and corporations, will highlight not just the visual arts of painting and sculpture, but also the performing arts of dance, bands, and singing.

Organizers say this event is a fun way kids can present their talents without having to enter a competition.

"It has encompassed all of the arts, so what we really want to do is showcase any child that wanted to participate and has a talent in the arts," said Mandy Goldman, teacher for the intellectually gifted at West Lauderdale. "A lot of our kids are so talented but we do not have places for them to perform, and so it gives all children a place to come and showcase their talent."

The art crawl is from 3:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. Apr. 17 at Dumont Plaza in downtown Meridian.