Kimmel Speaks in Meridian

Meridian, Miss. The grandson of Adm. Husband Kimmel, commander of the Pacific Fleet when Pearl Harbor was attacked in 1941, is still trying to clear Kimmel's name.

Thomas Kimmel spoke Monday night to a group at MSU Meridian.

Admiral Kimmel was blamed for the attack, along with Major General Walter Short.

MSU Meridian student Dustin Phillips says he chose to do a research paper on the issue, which led to Kimmel coming to Meridian to speak on the subject.

"What isn't taught is the underlying facts surrounding Pearl Harbor such as this story of Admiral Kimmel," said Phillips. "Admiral Kimmel had 40-plus years of impeccable naval service. Just because some, my opinion, some people didn't want blood on their hands, they sacrificed him. It's just an injustice to him and to Kimmel's family that this is still a case today."

If you would like to learn more about the Kimmel family's efforts and the investigation, or would like to contact Thomas Kimmel, click the link below.