LCSD Issues Hundreds of Pre-Holiday Travel Citations

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Lauderdale County, Miss. The Lauderdale County Sheriff's Department issued dozens of traffic citations on Wednesday alone, but that's not all.

"This week alone, the Lauderdale County Sheriff's Department has already issued hundreds of citations to those persons who have deliberately operated their vehicle without their seat belt," Sheriff Billy Sollie points out.

The annual Click It or Ticket campaign started this past Monday and deputies are specifically on the lookout for those not wearing their seat belts. In fact, Sheriff Sollie tells us grant money is allowing additional deputies to not only lookout for seat belt violators, but also those driving under the influence on the road and on the water.

"We strongly encourage persons that if you do decide to go to a beach, drink responsibly," Sollie advises. "Operating a boat is just as dangerous as operating a motor vehicle."

The sheriff says authorities are hoping for a quiet holiday weekend, but says with the number of citations issued so far, it appears drivers are choosing not to follow the rules.

"You know, again, I don't want to get a phone call at my house to get dressed and go to a crash scene where someone's lost their life because they chose not to wear a seat belt," the sheriff says.

Sheriff Sollie stresses that no resources are being taken away from the department's daily operations. The grant money is allowing off-duty deputies to also patrol the streets.